About Namibia - Land of Contrast


  • Only 2.1 Million Inhabitants (2.2 people per square kilometer)
  • 16 different ethnic groups/languages
  • English is one of the national languages
  • Many of the inhabitants still follow their traditional nomadic way of life (particularly the Ovahimbas in the Northern parts of Namibia)
  • 85% of the inhabitants are literate


  • 824 268 Square Kilometers large (about the size of Texas)
  • Barely inhabited, pristine landscapes, from the biggest dune in the world to endless Savannah and coastal areas
  • Nature reserves constitute 15% of Namibian surface area
  • Breathtaking variety of species: 240 mammals (of which 14 are indigenous to Namibia), 250 reptiles, 676 different birds, among them elephants, lions, black & white rhino, buffalo, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, countless antelope

Political stability, infrastructure, security, no direct health risks

  • Most roads in Namibia are tarred, gravel roads are regularly maintained
  • Good hospitals and schools
  • Democratic constitution under president Hifikepunye Pohamba, freedom of press, separation of legislative, judicative and executive powers, first constitution to take into account the importance of conservation of wildlife
  • No shots required in central part of Namibia (where we are located: no polio shots, no tsetse flies or sleeping sickness!

How to get there - with rifles and all

  • Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek:
    Direct flights from Frankfurt (Germany) to Windhoek with Air Namibia
    Direct flight from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Windhoek with South African Airways

We suggest that you check your bags and rifles through to Windhoek, where you will have to complete a temporary import permit for your rifles and ammunition. This process is usually quick and easy.

If you do want to stop-over in Frankfurt, you will have to complete the German Import Permit and you can make use of the drop-off box if you want to keep your rifles safe during time spent in Germany.

For a stop over in South Africa, you will have to complete the South African import permit.