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First Class Hunting in Namibia since 1975

Jan Oelofse Hunting Safaris, our experienced and passionate team of professional hunters, will provide you with one of the best hunting experiences in Namibia and all of Africa. We are a family-run operation, established by the famous conservationist Jan Oelofse and his family in Namibia in 1975. Since the passing of this great man, our beloved husband, father, entrepreneur, inventor, artist, mentor and friend to many, the Oelofse family Annette and Alex with Carola, are carrying on the legacy he left behind. Our hunts are customized to accommodate the expectations of hunters from various backgrounds and ages, we welcome families with children, bow-hunters and disabled hunters alike. Being above all passionate conservationists, our dream is to offer hunts such to naturally sustain the environment and all its animals, with the interest of the current and the future generations of animals and hunters at heart. In Jan Oelofse’s words, our aim is to: “Always give back more to nature than you take out.” We invite you to experience exactly that which our forefathers called Africa!


Annette: annette [at] etjo.na or (whatsap) 00264 81 128 4464

Alex: alex [at] etjo.na or (whatsap) 00264 81 124 7630

Capture to be Free - Jan Oelofse Biography

The remarkable story of Jan Oelofse's life is summarized in his book "Capture to be Free", written and compiled by his wife Annette Oelofse. The book is available in both English and German at bookstores in Windhoek and Swakopmund as well as at the lodge - signed by author Annette Oelofse.

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Like our other clients who hunted with you this year, Chuck Hoffer gave his hunt a rating of A+. He said that his hunting experience and saty at Jan Oelofse was the "finest" and that he and Janice enjoyed every minute of it. Also, he he gave very high praise for his PH (I think it was Rudie) and sais that he is the best.

- Don Craine - Safari Outfitters, hunted with Rudie

I went hunting to Namibia with Jan last October after some rather specialized trophies that I got in very good quality. Besides, I saw many more in both rare and common species, some of them really good quality trophies.

Namibia is a beautiful country, as advanced or more than South Africa, however the bush is still almost virgin. There are some very interesting tribes, as the “Obaimbas...

- Jesus Yuren

Just a quick update to let you all know that my trophies arrived at my taxidermist. Every item was correct and all were in great shape. After hearing and reading all the horror stories about getting trophies back to the States, I was very concerned. But thanks to all of your hard work, everything worked out perfectly. Thank you all so much for a job well done. I certainly hope to do business...

- Hoke Wagoner

Rudy was absolutely great with Anna Claire and all of us for that matter. He is the consummate professional.  Simone was excellent also and as a team he and Rudy are perfect. The food, rooms etc were all perfect and Brigitte works long hours each day to make sure it meets her high standards.

- Donnie Moses, hunted with Rudie

Note: We invited retiree John Dixon to recount highlights from his recent Africa adventure - a long-awaited dream come true.

It was a trip that my two friends and I had first discussed many years ago. An African Safari was definitely on our bucket list, but it would be put “on hold” for over two decades. I had not given it much thought for that long period until my friend Hoke told me...

- John Dixon

Annette I’ve really tried to find a point in time that i was not having a great time and really couldn’t, well except maybe the drive back to Windhoek which brought to me the sudden and sobering realization that the fun was about to end, but the pictures and memories of all of the people i came into contact with will stay imbedded with me forever. I look forward to the day that I return back...

- Jeff, hunted with Flippie

Just wanted to drop you guys a quick email to say hello. We also wanted to tell you, once more, how wonderful a time Maile and I had at your beautiful farm! Words cannot begin to adequately describe our experience with your family. Although the hunting was exceptional - the lodging, food, and especially your friendship made our visit to Namibia one we will cherish forever.

- Brad Garfield, hunted with Steve

I also had my springbok scored for the SCI record book. According to the SCI scorer it is about the 9th largest in the world which I am very proud to say Naftali was able to find the animal for me and took at Jan Oelofse Hunting Safaris. I think about the hunt almost every day and also how excited Naftali was when he measured it's horns. I now realize why he was so excited!

- Britt Nishijo, hunted with Naftalie

This was our first safari and hope it will not be our last. We had a ten day safari in August of 2011. One can not describe how fantastic it was without actually being there. Everything was perfect,The accomodations, Jan and Annette, our PH Rudi and the entire staff . The hunt was outstanding, everything you would dream about and more. My wife and I would not consider any other than Jan...

- Bob and Linda Genner, Dubois, Wyoming, USA