• Only 2.1 Million Inhabitants (2.2 people per square kilometer)
  • 16 different ethnic groups/languages
  • English is one of the national languages
  • Many of the inhabitants still follow their traditional nomadic way of life (particularly the Ovahimbas in the Northern parts of Namibia)
  • 85% of the inhabitants are literate


  • 824 268 Square Kilometers large (about the size of Texas)
  • Barely inhabited, pristine landscapes, from the biggest dune in the world to endless Savannah and coastal areas
  • Nature reserves constitute 15% of Namibian surface area
  • Breathtaking variety of species: 240 mammals (of which 14 are indigenous to Namibia), 250 reptiles, 676 different birds. Among these are elephants, lions, black & white rhino, buffalo, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, countless antelope

Political stability, infrastructure, security, no direct health risks

  • Most roads in Namibia are tarred, gravel roads are regularly maintained
  • Good hospitals and schools
  • Democratic constitution under president Hifikepunye Pohamba, freedom of press, separation of legislative, judicative and executive powers, first constitution to take into account the importance of conservation of wildlife
  • No shots required in central part of Namibia (where we are located: no polio shots, no tsetse flies or sleeping sickness!

How to get there - with rifles and all

Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek:

  • Direct flights from Frankfurt (Germany) to Windhoek with Air Namibia
  • Direct flight from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Windhoek with South African Airways

We suggest that you check your bags and rifles through to Windhoek, where you will have to complete a temporary import permit for your rifles and ammunition. This process is usually quick and easy.

If you do want to stop-over in Frankfurt, you will have to complete the German Import Permit and you can make use of the drop-off box if you want to keep your rifles safe during time spent in Germany.

For a stop over in South Africa, you will have to complete the South African import permit.