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Jan Oelofse Hunting Safaris, our team of professional hunters, will provide you with one of the best possible hunting experiences available in Namibia and all of Africa. We are a family-run operation, his wife Annette and son Alex, as well as the entire team carrying on the legacy that Jan Oelofse left behind when passing on the 15th of October 2012. Jan Oelofse was a mentor, an artist, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a humanitarian, a friend, a husband and father, but above all a passionate conservationist. He will be missed by many, particularly in the hunting industry.


Jan Oelofse

(12 July 1934 - 15 October 2012)

Jan Oelofse started his hunting career in the early fifties in East Africa, John Wayne being one of his most remembered hunting companions, during the filming of "Hatari". Jan was chosen as the Most Outstanding Professional Hunter in 1982 by the Safari Club International. The accolade speaks for itself, his hunting outfit is built on years of experience, his Professional Hunters trained by a Professional in the field himself. With Jan Oelofse Hunting Safaris you will have a traditional safari experience, with top quality accommodations and most importantly an outfitter that produces results and has proven himself to be more than trustworthy.

More information about Jan Oelofse in his biography "Capture to be Free" (written and compiled by his wife Annette Oelofse) below.

Capture to be Free - a film by Jan Oelofse on his game capture technique


Annette Oelofse

Born and raised on a Namibian farm close by, Annette Oelofse is a child of the wild. For over 30 years, she has contributed to building the Okonjati game reserve and Jan Oelofse Hunting Safaris. She is passionate about flying small aircraft and helicopter, wildlife photography and conservation, having raised countless orphaned animals including eland, kudu and white and black rhinos. Her love especially for rhinos has resulted in the foundation of the Mount Etjo Rhino Trust and the rhino orphanage, to help in the fight against rhino poaching and the protection of this endangered species.


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Alexander Oelofse

Alex, son of Jan and Annette Oelofse, grew up and attended the Mount Etjo private school on the property, going on to earning a degree in mechanical engineering at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Much alike both his parents Alex, too, greatly enjoys flying small aircraft and the helicopter. Growing up surrounded by wildlife he has a natural aptitude for handling animals and a great passion for conservation. He will be following into his father's big footsteps, keeping up the tradition and living on the dream in honor of his father. His wife, Carola, completed a Masters degree in human genetics at Stellenbosch University before joining him on the property in 2012. Their son Jan Alexander Oelofse was born on 10th June 2016, daughter Keira Beatrix Oelofse was born on 5th July 2018.


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Capture to be Free

Jan Harm Oelofse grew up in Namibia and is a game rancher and conservationist by heart. He has spent his entire career in outdoor pursuits and dedicated all his endeavours towards conservation. From 1957 to 1964, he worked as a Game Trapper for Tanganyika Game Limited. He captured wild animals, ranging from elephant, black – and white rhino to numerous different species of antelope, which were sent to zoos all over the world. He accompanied many of the sea voyages to get the animals to their final European destinations. Jan Oelofse trained all the animals for the well-known film "Hatari", which starred John Wayne, Elsa Martinelli and many more famous actors. He also handled wild animals for various other films.

From 1964 to 1972 Jan Oelofse worked for the Natal Parks Board. During his employment with the Natal Parks Board, he invented the unique plastic capture method to capture hundreds of wild animals at once. The capture method is known world-wide as the "Oelofse Method" and is still used today. He was invited from countries all over the world to demonstrate the method, including Peru.

Since 1973 he commenced his own business by using the capture method, translocating thousands of wild animals all over Southern Africa. At first he leased a farm in Namibia to use as a base and stocked the land with surplus animals he captured. He later bought the land, founded the Okonjati Game Sanctuary and Mount Etjo Safari Lodge. The Okonjati Wildlife Sanctuary today stretches over 60 000 acres, with over 6000 animals of a large variety of species roaming the land.


1982 – Most Outstanding Hunter of the Year in the World, awarded by Safari Club International
1988 – International Leaders in Achievement for Outstanding Contribution for Wildlife Management and Conservation by the International Biographical Centre
1990 – International Order of Merit awarded by the Board of the International Biographical Centre
2002 – Terra Nova Award

Listed in the "Who is Who" as well as the "First Five Hundred" for his world-wide contributions to wildlife management and conservation.

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